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Optimizing Smelting Processes with Odoo ERP

Company Profile

Established in 2021, PT Trikasa Jaya Logam is a pioneering company in the field of aluminum recycling and smelting. As a subsidiary of PT. Inkasa Jaya Aluminium, the company contributes to sustainable practices in the aluminum industry.

Pain Point

Leveraging the experience of its parent company, PT. Trikasa Jaya Logam adopted the Odoo ERP system from its inception. This move was prompted by the need to address operational challenges, streamline processes, and enhance overall efficiency in aluminum recycling and smelting.

Odoo ERP

Recognizing the effectiveness of Odoo ERP in its parent company, PT. Trikasa Jaya Logam continued to utilize the system for seamless data management, efficient inventory control, and optimized production processes. The Odoo ERP system ensures real-time visibility and accuracy in operations, providing a comprehensive solution for the intricacies of aluminum recycling and smelting.


Sales To Invoice Module
Sales To Invoice Module
Warehouse Management
Accouting Management
Manufacturing Management


The consistent use of Odoo ERP by PT Trikasa Jaya Logam reaffirms the significance of advanced technological solutions in the recycling and smelting industry. By building upon the success of its parent company's experience with Odoo ERP, PT Trikasa Jaya Logam demonstrates a commitment to modern practices for sustainable growth and operational excellence.

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