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Multi-Stores & Multi-Branches Integration With Odoo ERP

Company Profile

PT Maxim Housewares is a leading distributor of kitchenware, specializing in products such as pans and frying equipment. Operating as a multi-company and multi-store entity, the company is headquartered in Surabaya, East Java, with branches extending to Jakarta, Medan and Bali. Each branches has their own stores.

Pain Point

PT Maxim Housewares Indonesia faced challenges with legacy offline software at their Surabaya office, resulting in the need for manual data transfer and re-entry between stores and branches in Jakarta. This led to inevitable data discrepancies, creating silos of information among branches and stores. The intricacies of this process made report generation complex, and real-time stock disparities became a common occurrence.

Odoo ERP

To address these challenges, PT Maxim Housewares implemented the Odoo ERP system. This solution centralized data management, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and ensuring synchronized data accros branches and stores information across all locations. The integration of Odoo ERP streamlined operations, providing real-time insights into stock levels and simplifying the report generation process.


Sales To Invoice Module
Sales To Invoice Module
Warehouse Management
Accouting Management


The adoption of the Odoo ERP system has proven instrumental for PT Maxim Housewares such as:

  • Centralized System for its branches and stores
  • Realtime synchronized data ex: stock, invoicing, etc
  • Financial Report for Multi-stores.
  • Financial Report for Multi-branch.
  • Pos Module for stores operational

The successful implementation of Odoo ERP underscores PT Maxim Housewares' commitment to embracing modern solutions for enhanced business performance.

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