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Illuminating Lighting Business with Odoo ERP

Company Profile

PT Lentera Kreasi Integritas is a leading company in the field of lighting products, design, and controllers. Based in Surabaya with branches in Jakarta, the company serves a diverse clientele ranging from malls and hotels to historic buildings.

Pain Point

Since its establishment, PT Lentera Kreasi Integritas operated without a system, relying solely on Excel. This led to data discrepancies between departments, repetitive data entry, errors in the sales price list, and inaccuracies in invoicing amounts. These inefficiencies in operations not only affected overall efficiency but, more importantly, eroded customer trust.

Odoo ERP

To overcome these challenges, PT Lentera Kreasi Integritas adopted the Odoo ERP system. This comprehensive solution centralized data management, eliminating discrepancies and repetitive data entry. The Odoo ERP system streamlined the sales process, ensuring accurate price lists and invoicing. The implementation has not only improved operational efficiency but has also reinstated customer confidence.


Sales To Invoice Module
Sales To Invoice Module
Warehouse Management
Accouting Management


The integration of Odoo ERP has been transformative for PT Lentera Kreasi Integritas such as:

  • Streamlined Sales process with Pricelist management
  • Synchronized Project Management with delivery Process
  • Get better understanding point of view with Business Intelligence

By addressing operational challenges and enhancing accuracy, the company is now better positioned to serve its varied clientele. This strategic move underscores PT Lentera Kreasi Integritas' commitment to technological advancements and customer satisfaction in the competitive field of lighting products and design.

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