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Streamlining Manufacturing Process through Odoo ERP

Company Profile

PT Berkat Makmur Sejahtera is a distinguished aluminum extruder company specializing in the production of aluminum profiles with the renowned Alubless trademark. Based in East Java.

Pain Point

In the initial stages of its operations, PT Berkat Makmur Sejahtera relied on traditional excel spreadsheet systems. However, shortly after its inception, the company encountered numerous operational challenges. These included discrepancies in stock data, mismatched product specification information, and errors in shipments, among other issues.

Odoo ERP

To address these operational challenges, PT Berkat Makmur Sejahtera transitioned to the Odoo ERP system. This comprehensive solution centralized data management, ensuring consistency across departments and eliminating discrepancies. The Odoo ERP system streamlined processes, enhancing stock management, and ensuring accurate product specifications, ultimately mitigating the issues faced during shipments.


Sales To Invoice Module
Sales To Invoice Module
Warehouse Management
Accouting Management
Manufacturing Management


The implementation of the Odoo ERP system has proven transformative for PT Berkat Makmur Sejahtera. By overcoming initial operational challenges, the company has achieved improved efficiency and accuracy in its processes. This strategic move underscores PT Berkat Makmur Sejahtera's commitment to embracing modern solutions for sustained growth and streamlined business operations.

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